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Why You Should Use a Luxury Car Service for Your Next Team Building Activity

Whether you work on a large corporate team or for a smaller
business, team building can make a major impact on the
success of your organization. Here are some suggestions of
things you can do to build your team, and also reasons that
using a luxury car service will take that experience to the
next level.

Send them on a Scavenger Hunt

This is a really fun way to get everyone out of the office and working together to
accomplish a common goal. You can come up with one yourself the old school way just
by writing down a list of unique and tricky things for people to find, or you can hire a
service or use a phone app to help you. Have the teams take photos of themselves with
the items they have found, and then you can use those photos later in a presentation or
slide show in the office. If you have an annual company wide meeting, or larger event,
it’s great for people to look back on, and also nice for new employees to know they are
working for a good company.

To make things even more of a challenge you can hire a luxury car service to take you to
a different city to do the hunt! Employees will really appreciate the extra effort in making
the event memorable, and they will enjoy the comfortable ride back home to talk about
the fun adventure they just had.

Go to an Improv Comedy Workshop

Comedy Improv workshops are good for more than just giving people a good belly laugh.
They help improve communication skills, and also are beneficial for teaching people to
focus better and trust each other more. There are Improv Workshops to fit all budgets as
well. You can simply Google “Improv Games” and do the workshop right in your office.
Get lunch catered and take the afternoon off to do some improv! Or you can hire a car
service to take everyone out to an improv comedy theater and have professionals teach
the class. You will probably be taking some people way out of their comfort zone, but
that’s part of what team building is all about—going through some “uncomfortable” things
together to grow stronger as a team.

Give Back to Your Community and Volunteer

Volunteering can be a very emotional experience, and a great way to bring your team
closer together while helping others. Do you already have ties to local organizations? It
would be so nice to get more hands-on with them and take your team in to volunteer.
This could even be a weekend event that employees wouldn’t mind attending because
it’s for a good cause. Hiring a car service is a great help too because everyone will get
picked up and dropped off together so no one will get lost or left behind.

Hire a Luxury Car Service and Treat the Team to Dinner

This sounds simple, but employees will love it. Simply designate a night where you take
everyone out to dinner together. Don’t tell people where they are going—just have one
or a couple of our vehicles come and pick them up after work and take them out. The
company picks up the tab, and your employees have a great time relaxing, enjoying
great food, and getting to know each other better. They will especially love that they
don’t have to do the driving to the restaurant because you were thoughtful enough to
hire a car service.

Happy employees are more productive employees, so start planning a company team
building activity today! Once you have an idea of what you want to do, contact us and we
can recommend which vehicle from our fleet will best meet your needs. We look forward
to hearing from you!

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