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Pechanga Casino Mask Regulations

After being closed for a few months , the Casino reopened on June 1st. Masks being  required. With regulations & studies changing; beginning September 1st,  the casino's face covering requirements are changing again.  No longer are you allowed  wearing bandanas, neck gaiters, balaclavas and face masks with vents or valves, according to a news release.…
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Funeral Services

We are here to help you in times of grief and loss: Let us take the burden off your chest, certainly a death of a loved one can carry a heavy burden in our lives. However, the last thing you must worry about is the funeral transportation arrangements. Here at Perfect Transportation let our expert…
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Traveling During Covid-19

Traveling and Sanitation Perfect Transportation Limousine and Sedans has taken many safe practices for your safety and ours, because we want to keep all of our past, present and future clients informed. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) is the most reliable source of  information for you. As traveling continues,  Perfect Transportation Limousines…
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Airport Limo Service

Have you ever found yourself in a bind because you didn't plan ahead to get yourself an Airport Limo Service? Save yourself the struggle this time! So you have to catch a flight for a long-distance Corporate trip first thing in the morning. You know what the traffic is like to the airport, so you…
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Making Your Business Travels Stress-Free

You have a trip coming up and you are scrambling to figure out all of the logistics. Among developing a complete packing list, making sure your passport is up to date, printing out your boarding passes and figuring out where you will be staying, you must nail down how to get to and from the…
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Tips for Corporate Executive Travel

Tips for Corporate Executive Travel Traveling for most people is a stressful ordeal. There are so many considerations such as flight times, booking a limousine service and making sure you did not forget to pack something. Coupled with other unknown factors out of our hands, such as weather and if the airline is on time,…
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Get to Coachella in Style by Using a Car Service

Going With a Car Service Takes the Hassle Out of Seeing Your Favorite Bands at the Festival

The Most Anticipated Annual Music Festival in Southern California

If you have lived in Southern California even for a short amount of time, chances are you've heard of Coachella. The origins of the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival reach all the way back to a 1993 Pearl Jam concert, and the festival has been an annual attraction for music, fashion, and art lovers since 2001. Headliners have included Jay-Z, AC/DC, and Lady Gaga, and this year Beyoncé, Eminem, and The Weeknd will all grace the stage as headliners.

Once attendees are actually in the festival, it’s a weekend that they will have memories of for a lifetime, but actually getting to the the Empire Polo Club grounds in Indio, California, where the event is held, can be a real hassle. Some people drive or use a ride sharing service, but having your own car service is a much more convenient and reliable option.  

You Choose How Much or Little to Use the Car Service

Everyone’s situation is different, and we totally understand that. Groups travel to Coachella in a variety of ways, and they also have varying accomodations lined up for them. All you have to do is let us know what your plans are and we will meet all of your transportation needs. Some of our passengers get picked up at their homes in surrounding cities like Corona, Ontario, or Temecula, and some make it to a hotel or Airbnb near Indio on their own but arrange transportation between there and the venue. Just let one of our agents know what your plans are, and we will make our recommendations for the type of car service that would work best for you.

Stay Later, Get Home Faster, Feel Safer

The long walk back to your campsite, hotel room, or Airbnb can be a nightmare after a long full day in the sun taking in all of the activities of Coachella. The desert is always hot and windy this time of year, and after all of the dancing you have been doing, walking back home might not only be uncomfortable, but it could actually be dangerous. There’s also a chance of getting lost on your way home if you’re not familiar with the area, so having a car service lined up will allow you to make the most out of your time at Coachella. We will set pick-up and drop-off times and locations so you can stay until the very last set without having to worry about wandering around aimlessly trying to get home after the final bows have been taken.

Pick the Vehicle From Our Fleet that Meets Your Needs Best

At PTL Executive we have a full fleet of vehicles, which means we have the perfect mode of transportation for you and your Coachella crew. From Sedans to SUVs, Corporate Coaches, or even a Stretch Limo, your car service needs are covered here. Each vehicle has a unique list of features and services, and are all held to the highest “Duty of Care” standards possible.

Since it takes more than just a nice car to have a truly exceptional experience, we have a team of professional chauffeurs who are very familiar with the drop-off procedures, pick-up points, and even local shortcuts around the Empire Polo Club. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Coachella is only weeks away, so we encourage you to contact us and book your car service soon! You can contact us online, or give us a call at 800-920-9987. We look forward to hearing from you and making this your most memorable year of Coachella ever!

Enjoy a day of ultimate luxury with PTL Executive Limo and Sedan

When it comes to enjoying your day and making it more memorable with your friends and family, PTL Executive Limo and Sedan service is the best choice. One of a kind service that offers an exceptional experience, PTL Executive Limo and Sedan service has been serving its clients since 1999 and holds the distinction of…
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The “PTLexecutive” vs. Lyft

Ever heard of Lyft? Who hasn’t?! They are one of the fastest growing transport companies in the world alongside Uber. Does that mean they are the fastest improving customer service oriented transportation company out there? No it doesn’t! Have you ever been interested in supporting a smaller, more efficient, customer service focused transportation company? “PTLexecutive”…
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Reliable Transport To and From Your Local Airport with “PTL Executive”

Everyone’s worst nightmare come true.  You are in the middle of a bustling airport in an area you don’t know after having got off a long flight, and just found out your airport failed to provide the transportation they promised as part of your flight package.  You’re tired and have an appointment to make and…
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Why We’re “The Perfect Transportation Limo & Sedan”

What is your idea of the perfect transportation limo service? Is it uniformity between all the limo drivers? Is it executive black cars that transport you from point A to B? Or is it the way your chauffeur is professionally dressed compared to a casually dressed Uber driver? Maybe even the luxurious and personalized driving experience a chauffeur is able to deliver? Good news! “The Perfect Limo” exhibits all of these unique characteristics to all our faithful clients, including you. We are constantly improving our performance on how we provide transportation and transitioning from "the best limo service" to "the perfect transportation limo service." Here's how.

The Perfect Uniformity Between Our Chauffeurs:
Why is this so important to us? Uniformity expresses that all our chauffeurs are on the same page and in the mindset to provide luxurious transport. It is also the first impression you have of us. We value our customers outlook on our service very highly and strive to meet those expectations as everyday standards. Once standards are established, than unity between our chauffeurs, our executive black cars, our high end service, and our attire are coinciding together as one. This enables "The Perfect Limo" to exhibit superior transportation services that outperform all of our competitors down to a molecular level. With us, you know to expect uniformity on all aspects of our service and performance.

The Perfect transportation Executive Black Vehicle Transport:
"The Perfect transportation Limo" should not only act the part, but also look the part. Alongside uniformity, we also look the part with our black executive vehicles. Being able to distinguish a professional looking vehicle is equally as important as being a well dressed chauffeur. We take the element of unanticipated surprise out of the equation when transporting our clientele. Instead of blending in with the usual riff raff cab and limo drivers, we stand out with our signature, executive black vehicles. We aim to provide our clients with a luxurious, comfortable, and memorable experience from the time they are greeted outside of the vehicle, until they step back out of the vehicle. If you're looking for a distinguished limo company, you're looking at "The Perfect transportation Limo and sedan."

The Perfect Transportation Experience:
Besides the appearance of a chauffeur and the vehicle you're being transported in, the overall experience usually just isn't there for most limo services. Am I right? Whether the driver shows up late, overcharges you, is unprofessionally dressed, has a lack of manners or etiquette, or doesn't show up at all! We've heard it all and feel the same way as you do. It's unacceptable. With "The Perfect Limo" you're getting a high end service with emphasis on your comfort, with plenty of time to reach your destination. Most of the time, our drivers will show up early, to ensure you get to your intended destination within the timeframe you're looking for. We have served thousands of happy clients that aren't just happy with how we present ourselves to them, but happy with how we present ourselves as a whole. With a limo company that understands the importance of time management, comfort, and accessibility, we provide the perfect transportation experience.

Why We're the Perfect Option for You:
When we serve our clients, it isn't on the notion of a one time service. We look to form long term relationships with our clients by demonstrating professionalism, integrity, and accessibility. When you think of most cab or limo companies, you think of, "this is a one time thing." We think of all our clients like "this is a full time thing." Our clients are like family and we treat them as such by respecting their time, schedule, and privacy. Whether you need long term transportation or short term, we are "The Perfect Transportation Limo and sedan

The Perfect Transportation Limo and Sedan

" company to provide luxurious transport to you and your family. Look for us in Southern California for immediate assistance! We look forward to providing the perfect transportation experience to you permanently!

Ontario Airport Transportation can be Stress Free

Ontario Airport is approximately 40 miles from Orange County.  But, depending on the time of day, it can often take up to two hours or more to drive there.  When traveling during the busy season, such as holidays, airports become a much different place.

It’s an all too familiar story.  A traveler heading to the airport to catch a flight for an important meeting or job interview, misses take-off due to traffic, an unexpected accident or can’t find parking.  They arrive at their gate, after rushing through security at an Olympic pace only to find the plane pulling out and heading to the runway. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too real and happens countless times a day throughout every airport in the country.

There are many delays that could make your flight arrival stressful.  These could include congested traffic, filled parking lots, overfilled shuttle buses, not to mention the backed up security lines,

The good news? Corporate travel is our specialty. One of our most popular routes is to Ontario Airport.  Business travelers want assurance they are getting to their gate not only in plenty of time, but with time to spare.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional limousine/car service for business travel.  This is where we separate ourselves from our competitors as our reputation and loyal customers attest:

Always Arrive on Time:  There is no doubt that arriving on  time for your flight, with time to spare, is first and foremost.  We will monitor any traffic conditions to ensure you arrive at the designated hour.

No Stress - Relax in our comfortable town cars, check email, make phone calls or handle any pressing matters while we drive you to the airport.  Returning home from a delayed flight?  No worries, we monitor that as well and will be there to pick you up when your flight arrives.  

Experienced Drivers - Our drivers travel to Ontario Airport throughout the day and know the traffic conditions, detours and layout of the airport. They also understand that keeping your schedule is paramount. Professionalism, appearance and conduct is nothing short of exemplary. We work tirelessly to give you the service you deserve.

Economical - Hiring a private car for airport travel has proven to save money. With increased parking fees and gas mileage, it’s often less expensive to reserve a town car, especially when there is more than one traveler.  

So imagine being picked up at your home or office, your chauffeur handles your luggage and opens your door while you step inside to find cold water  and a newspaper.  You enjoy a relaxing and productive ride.  Upon arrival at the curb or near the gate, your luggage is retrieved and you are ready to go.  And again, upon your return, we will be waiting for you with the same exceptional service.

We are a world class limousine service offering 24/7 airport shuttle to all the major airports including Ontario, John Wayne, San Diego, LAX, Bob Hope and others.  Give us a try, we promise airport travel will be an enjoyable experience once again.

San Manuel Casino Party Bus Packages

  • San Manuel Casino

San Manuel Casino, located in Highland, California is one of Southern California’s premier gambling casinos. You don’t need to travel all the way to Las Vegas, Reno or Laughlin to enjoy a day or evening of gambling at a state of the art casino. With over 4,200 slots, almost 100 table games, wonderful restaurants, bars and nightclub, Tukut Lounge with drinks and nightly entertainment, not to mention cocktail service throughout the casino, you and your guests can be living the good life in no time.

What makes San Manuel Casino such a sought after destination? In February of 2016, the casino completed a two year renovation project and added the following:

  • A 5,000 square foot gaming area with 60 additional slot machines, Pai Gow, baccarat and blackjack.
  • Bar Bar Bar, a landmark bar located in the center of the casino’s ground floor which seats 70 guests, 20 tabletop video poker terminals and 3 blackjack tables.
  • Two additional restaurants to Tutu’s Food Court: Thai Chi Express and La Tortilla Rellena

It’s safe to say that guests of San Manuel Casino have a variety of games to play throughout the 500,000 square foot casino, such as Blackjack (both low and high limit), EZ Baccarat, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker, San Manuel Craps, Fortune Pai Gow, Mystery Card Roulette and more. There is even a non-smoking room, open 24/7 with 140 slot machines.

Yet while most come for the gambling, San Manuel Casino offers an abundance of entertainment for those that prefer to mix it up. Particularly popular is the Rocks & Brews Nightclub and Restaurant, a newer development and the creation of KISS frontmen Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. This offers the ultimate combination of rock and roll and dining with interactive, state of the at digital displays showcasing never before seen videos and live bands on stage. Offering craft beers from around the world, specialty drinks, and incredible food, combined with their most popular shows, tribute bands that play regularly honoring Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses, Sounds of Santana, and Bad Company just to name a few, these well attended events are a must see!

And what’s a Casino without a buffet? Here you will find the all you can eat Serrano Buffet which includes Lobster Night on Thursday from 3:00 – 10:00 pm, , Seafood Night on Fridays from 4:00 – midnight, Brunch, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00-3:00pm. The restaurant is open daily but check their website for additional information and hours.

If a buffet is not your thing, other dining experiences include, The Pines Modern Steakhouse, Street Tacos and Tutu’s Food Court that seats up to 140 people and includes such offerings as Thai Chi Express, La Tortilla Rellena, Oasis Burger, and Grab and Go for those in a hurry and simply want a quick bite so they can get back to gambling. Again, always check beforehand for hours and keep in mind, anyone entering the casino, including all events and promotions, must be 21 years or older.

Whether it’s the entertainment, food, gambling or all three, San Manuel Casino is the perfect spot for any occasion, whether it be a Bachelorette or Bachelor party (combine the two!), anniversary, birthday, retirement, tax refund or “just because.” You never need an excuse to go out and have a great time.

Of course, traveling in style in a chauffeured limousine or party bus makes the celebration all the better. We offer a variety of packages from which to choose with vehicles in every size and style and which can be customized to fit your needs. Responsibility is the key, and it’s our job to ensure that you and your guests arrive safely to your destination, and home again. Your job? To make sure you are having the time of your life!

Spend a Day in La La Land

La La Land is perhaps one of the most popular movies to come out in years.  Nominated for an astounding 14 Academy Awards, this old fashioned Hollywood style musical is set in a modern Los Angeles. It was filmed throughout Southern California in Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Burbank and Hermosa Beach. These iconic locations are getting a fresh look from avid fans.

While Valentine’s Day is over for another year, there is no reason not to plan a romantic day or weekend in Los Angeles.  If you or your significant loved La La Land, then plan a truly special adventure to the well known attractions that made La La Land a movie to remember.  Breaking out in song and dance is purely optional.

Griffith Park

Probably the most memorable scene in the movie, here is where our characters, Sebastian and Mia sing and dance (trivia note: it was filmed in one take) at a spot called “Cathy’s Corner” in Griffith Park.  If you want to spend more time here, keep in mind that the park is massive. Sprawled over 4,200 acres, here you can hike, picnic, visit museums, visit the Griffith Observatory even enjoy the nine hole Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course.  The Greek Theatre is nearby as well, as is the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

LIghthouse Cafe

In La La Land, this is where Sebastian takes Mia when she declares she is not a jazz enthusiast.  This popular cafe is the real deal, and has been a staple in Hermosa Beach since 1949.  Prominent musicians who have played here  Art Blakey,   Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley.  Today, this jazz fixture offers food, entertainment and a great happy hour.  

Hermosa Pier

Here  is where Sebastian slowly waltzes at sunset while singing the Academy Award nominated song, “City of Stars.”  This is a great place to watch the surfers, look for dolphins or take a leisurely stroll after a good meal.  It’s very busy during  the day and night, so chances are, you won’t have the pier all to yourself like the movie suggests, but it’s truly a special place.

The SmokeHouse

If you are looking to eat while in Los Angeles, and of course you are, yet want to stick close to the La, La Land theme, you may want to try The SmokeHouse, which in the movie, was named “Lipton’s.”  Located across from Warner Brother’s Studio, this is where Sebastian was instructed, much to his annoyance, to play holiday tunes to the dining customers and where he and Mia met the second time.  The SmokeHouse opened in 1946, and is considered  one of the great steakhouses in LA, serving up standards in a dark setting with wood and leather booths.  Yes, there is live music as well, just don’t expect to see Ryan Gosling playing the piano.

Grand Central Market

This Los Angeles staple is only briefly shown in the movie, however, this open air market is a huge favorite with the locals.  The scene of one Mia’s and Sebastian’s first dates, where they eat Salvadorean food at Sarita’s Pupuseria, you will discover  many other eating options as well, such as terrific Mexican and Chinese food.

Colorado Street Bridge

Enjoy the sunset from this historic vantage point over Pasadena.  When built in 1913 it was the highest concrete bridge in world, but today, you can see incredible city views as well.  Full House, The Amazing Race and other productions have filmed here as well, but none more popular than La La Land.

Chateau Marmont

When Mia finally decides it's time to shine, the Chateau Marmont is the place she takes control.  If your trip to LA includes an overnight stayt, look no further. This historic hotel, located in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, offers luxury bungalows and suites recalling the days of yesteryear.  Completed in 1929, the hotel’s history is unparalleled.  Howard Hughes, Greta Garbo James, Dean, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many more coveted the privacy the hotel is well known for.  A must do: order  a drink at the  Bar Marmont.

Other locations featured in La La Land include the Century Freeway where the Interstate 105 connects to 110 and the film’s opening number is set, the Rialto Theatre which closed in 2007, but open for special events, the Warner Brothers Studios where it’s always fun to take a tour of this legendary lot, and the Watts Tower, a huge metal sculpture that Sebastian and Mia  stop to view.

Whether you visit Los Angeles for the day, or plan to spend the weekend, this special getaway visiting the areas where La La Land was filmed, will be a treasured memory.  If you are planning an anniversary, engagement, birthday or just a day to spend together, make the day even more memorable by avoiding the traffic, and relaxing while sipping your favorite beverages and perhaps listen to the movie’s soundtrack while one of our luxurious chauffeured cars takes you in style.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Style

  • St. Patrick’s Day Beer

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by most everyone whether you are Irish or not.  What originally started out as a feast day for the  patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, was actually a very tame holiday in Ireland when pubs even closed on March 17th.  Today, many wear green and eat, drink and be merry.

Orange County is home to some of the best Irish pubs in Southern California, so what better way to spend St. Patrick’s Day than with a traditional pub crawl.  Gather some of your friends, coworkers, or family, and enjoy a chauffeured limousine to the pubs of your choice.  Not sure what’s available in the Orange County area?  Here are a list of just some of our favorites - all of them will be fully decked out and celebrating in the traditional Irish style!

  • Branagan’s Irish Pub - This classic, traditional pub is located in the heart of downtown Fullerton.  With over 30 different beers, including many imported straight from Ireland, classic Irish menu fare such as lamb stew, and corned beef and cabbage, along with  a whiskey selection said to be the largest in the Orange county area, you won’t go wrong making this pub a must visit on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • The Harp Inn - Calling itself the “most authentic Irish pub in Orange County,” the Harp Inn is tucked away in downtown Costa Mesa.  Offering music, hearty pub food (bangers anyone?), a variety of Irish beers naturally and much more, this 20 year old establishment has an energetic atmosphere that truly knows how to celebrate its Irish heritage.
  • Silky Sullivan’s Restaurant and Irish Pub - named for Silky Sullivan (1955-1977) which has been called the greatest “come from behind” stretch runner in horse racing history, this iconic restaurant and bar was voted best Irish Pub in Orange County by CitySearch.  Established 28 years ago, here you will find spirits,  a wide selection of beers, a varied menu, music and dancing.  Located in the old Fountain Valley Post Office, add this to your St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl.
  • Muldoon’s Irish Pub - Located in Newport Beach, this one of a kind Irish pub opened its ivy covered doors in 1974.  While Muldoon’s boasts two distinct pubs, outdoor patio and quaint dining room, it’s ambiance is pure Ireland.  With music, fireplace, great food from the motherland, as well as amazing drinks not to mention a wide selection of Irish beers, this popular spot will be packed this St. Patrick’s Day with those seeking a truly memorable celebration.  
  • Malarky’s Irish Pub - With their motto, “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met,” by William Butler Yeats, Malarky’s is a festive Irish pub that offers great fun year round, but particularly on St. Patrick’s Day.  In the past, they have had bagpipers walk the tables while guests toast with their whiskey, green beer or their favorite beverage.  A few years ago Malarky’s went under new ownership and did some redecorating, including installing a traditional copper bar.  

How else can you heighten your Irish pub crawl this St. Patrick’s Day?  Make sure you and your guests are decked out in your green attire, and make a playlist of traditional Irish party music to listen in your reserved limousine.  Here are some songs worth downloading:

  • Whiskey in a Jar by The Dubliners.  
  • Finnegan’s Wake by Christy Moore
  • When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  • Whiskey’s Bailey’s Guinness - BarleyJuice
  • Drink It Up Men - The Dubliners
  • Beer, Beer, Beer - The Clancy Brothers
  • Dicey Riley - The Dublin City Ramblers
  • The Rocky Road To Dublin - The High Kings

Finally, and with any special event, leave the driving to the professionals.  Let The Perfect Limo pick you up at your destination, and get you safely home.  Without a doubt, St. Patrick’s Day should be enjoyed as it is intended, celebrating with good friends in a comfortable environment.

Attractions in Southern California that are Inexpensive

For some, the thought of renting a limousine may appear out of reach.  However, with so many free and inexpensive attractions in Southern California, hiring a chauffeured car can not only be within your budget, it also can enhance any celebration.  Whether celebrating a child’s birthday, anniversary, or any other special event, here is inspiration on some of the best things to do to give your overall budget a rest.

  • Griffith Park - Los Angeles.  With the huge success of the Academy Award nominated movie, La La Land, hire a limousine and take your date to Griffith Park at Mount Hollywood, the location of one of the most talked about and romantic scenes in the movie.  While we are not giving out any spoilers, here you can hike through the wooded canyons, view the historic miniature train rides, the circa 1925 carousel, the Museum of the American West and most of all, Griffith Observatory. You can even picnic among the magnificent landscaping.  All are either low cost or free!
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall - Los Angeles, Segerstrom Center of the Arts - Orange County.  Do you have a music aficionado that you would love to treat to a concert? Fortunately, these two venues frequently offer free or inexpensive tickets.  At the Walt Disney Concert Hall, consider taking a docent led, free tour inside and throughout the gardens. Every season at Disney Hall, there are approximately 60 productions that offer $20 tickets, with two the limit.  At Segerstrom Center, you can also find attractions and some children productions, starting at $10 per ticket as well.  
  • Getty Museum - Los Angeles.  Admission to the Getty Museum is always free, and this is an ideal and inexpensive way to spend the day for those that love spectacular architecture design, beautiful gardens, panoramic views of Los Angeles and some of the most revered art in the world.  Situated on a hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains on 110 sprawling acres, here you can take tours, dine and soak in the atmosphere.  
  • Tour John Wayne Airport - Orange County.  Do you have a child in your family that is fascinated with airplanes and flying?  Take your pilot to be on a guided tour (many are private pilots, teachers and executives who donate their time), and enjoy a grand tour with explanations on how planes fly, historical photos, the Wright Brother’s flights, flight display monitors, and more.  The last stop offers an area where you can view planes taking off and landing.  
  • A Day At Laguna Beach - Laguna Beach.  There is so much to do in this exclusive coastal Orange County town that cost absolutely nothing, such as a visit to the Woods Cove Tide Pools, where you will see a variety of marine life.  Enjoy the numerous attractions and art galleries that have seen world wide recognition and feature traditional fine art, contemporary, pottery, sculpture and so much more. Enjoy a picnic at one of their many parks, some of the most popular being Crystal Cove and Heisler Park.  If you are a wine aficionado, visit the Laguna Canyon Winery, where they have daily wine tastings (closed on Mondays) at no charge.  
  • Ice Skating - The Rinks Anaheim: With public skating admission at $11 for adults, and $7 for children, (add $4 more for rentals), here is an inexpensive way to have fun.  Added attractions include AI Nights! Every public skating session on Friday and Saturday nights, from 9;30-11:30 will feature modern dance like music and lighting. Check the website for additional information.

Spending a fortune on special events or celebrations is not necessary in order to have fun.  It’s sometimes the extra features you include that make a difference.  Personalizing your limousine experience can create lasting memories! Add balloons, your favorite beverages and food! From a cost standpoint, a limousine is less expensive than you may think, especially if you are enjoying any of the trips mentioned above, or creating your own affordable getaway or party.  So take advantage of all the low cost attractions Orange County and the surrounding areas offer, and sit back and enjoy the ride with The Perfect Limo.

Valentine Day Couple Ideas that are Unique

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Charles Schultz, best known for creating Charlie Brown,  was once quoted as saying, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”  While Valentine’s Day is awash with  heart shaped candy boxes and florists who work overtime to keep up with the demand of bouquets, sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the box when February 14th approaches.  You can never go wrong with the traditional gifts of chocolates and flowers, but for those looking to spice it up, or want some fresh ideas, here are some unique couple ideas for this very special day.

Picnic on the Beach:  Living in Orange County, our weather can be gorgeous on Valentine’s Day.  Gather some of your favorite food and beverages in a traditional style picnic basket, grab a few blankets, and watch the sunset on one of our many beautiful beaches.  This is a great excuse to get cozy!

Nostalgic Tour:  This is very popular for couples! Rent a limousine, bring a playlist of your favorite, meaningful songs (such as the first song you danced to, first concert you went to as a couple, your wedding dance, etc.) add your favorite drinks and appetizers and take a romantic drive to spots that have meant something to both of you.  Maybe drive by the place you met? Perhaps your first date? The place you were married? The hospital where your children were born?  This nostalgic drive can be whatever you want it to be! Another spin on this date?  Make it a Scavenger Hunt! Great idea for those planning to propose!

Surprise Date:  Surprise your Valentine by picking him/her up from work in a limousine stocked with your favorite snacks and drinks.  Head to a movie your date has wanted to see, or a restaurant that has been difficult to get into (make reservations now!), or whatever it is that your significant other has wanted to do, but keeps putting off.  It’s a win win for everyone!

Helicopter Ride:  There are several Orange County helicopter companies that offer a variety of tours.  Perhaps an Orange County Beach Tour? Some companies, such as OC Helicopters offers a unique Heli-Dine-N-Dash, a helicopter ride over the Orange County coastline and then arrive at a secluded five star dining experience.  

Cooking Class: Does your Valentine enjoy cooking? Maybe he or she wants to learn to prepare a gourmet meal, or simply experience something new? Take a cooking class together!  Orange County offers many excellent cooking classes, such as Hipcooks that provides hands on cooking classes for the novice or the pro.  Several romantic themed classes are scheduled for the week of Valentines, but reservations are required.

Sur la Table in Newport Beach, and Le Gourmet Culinary are just a few of the other excellent locales in the Orange County area that are extremely popular.

Craft Beer Tour:  The craft beer industry is exploding.  While virtually unknown ten years ago, today, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.  If your Valentine is an avid beer connoisseur, then indulge in a craft beer tour.  With several breweries in Orange County, such as Legends Craft Brewery, Noble Ale Works and Backstreet Brewing in Anaheim, or Barley Forge in Costa Mesa, Four Sons in Huntington Beach and  Cismontane in Santa Ana, rent a full service limousine and tour your favorites or some new breweries for a special and safe date.

Couples Massage: Some of the greatest and most luxurious spas are here in Orange County. Enjoy a Couples Massage at the renowned The Spa at Laguna Cliffs in Dana Point which offers a soothing 60 minute massage of your choice, plus 30 minutes of private time in the Romantic Suite, complete with champagne and chocolate delights.  Another popular choice is the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa. Situated in a Spanish style estate they offer wonderful spa packages. swimming and cabana rentals as well.

Naturally, to make your Valentine’s Day even more special, reserving your private limousine today can ensure that you are taking your celebration up a notch.  There is no need to worry about traffic, parking or other nuisances that can take put a negative spin on a day where the focus is on one thing and one thing only: showing the person that means the most to you, how much you care.

Discover Orange County’s Best Breweries

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There is no doubt that Orange County has some of the best craft breweries anywhere.  While home to many gastropubs, including both inland and near the beach, arriving safely is all important. Booking a limousine for your craft beer tour is certainly the way to go. Here, we can map out your travel offer, let you enjoy the experience with your guests and not people you don’t know, and get you to your destinations with a professional chauffeur.

Here are just a few of the breweries that we love and recommend.  This is a popular way to celebrate birthdays, office parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, or simply surprising your craft beer aficionado with a day experiencing the best Orange County has to offer. So grab your growler and book your brew crawl!

Bruery Terreux

This is a boutique craft brewery located in Anaheim. According to their website, they specialize in “farmhouse style, wild and sour ales.” Rustic, yet traditional, here you can enjoy their Tasting Room, which offers up to 24 beers on tap either available by the glass or by the flight. Food trucks have a dedicated spot near the outdoor seating area, making it convenient to enjoy some incredible food while sampling a beer….or three!  Tours are held on weekends and can be booked via their website. Also, you will find a Calendar of Events that indicate what is happening at the brewery as well as what food trucks will be available. Note: It appears that food carts are not there every day, so check ahead.

Tasting Room:  1174 N. Grove St., Anaheim, CA  92806  Phone: 714-996-6258

Barley Forge

Located near South Coast Plaza, Barley Forge is a top rated brewery (voted Best Brewery in 2015 by OC Weekly) that focuses on Belgian, West Coast and German-style beers. Open seven days a week, here you can taste award winning craft beers, by flight or by the glass,  at their very impressive tasting room. With a full kitchen and eclectic menu, you can imbibe a few of their classic favorites, such as Grandpa Tractor, The Patsy, One Louder and a host of seasonal beers.  Barley Forge has special events as well, such as Tuesday Night Trivia, and Thursday Night Jazz, but be sure to check beforehand as schedules are subject to change.

Tasting Room:  2957 Randolph Ave., Costa Mesa, CA  92626  Phone:  714-641-2084

Four Sons Brewing

Family owned and operated, Four Sons Brewing tasting room is located in Huntington Beach.  At just two years old, this brewery offers some of the best beers around.  This is the place to go if you simply want to indulge in carefully crafted beers. Like other breweries, they have no real menu, but excellent food trucks (check ahead to confirm).  Located in an industrial style building, the tasting room is extremely popular, offering flights or by the glass. Their website features what beers they will be pouring, but popular choices include The Great One, an Imperial IPA, The Coco, a coconut amber, and Nightmare on Gothard Street, a chocolate coffee stout.  Seasonal beers are available as well.

Tasting Room:  18421 Gothard Street, #100,  Huntington Beach, CA 92648  714-584-7501

Noble Ale Works

Located in Anaheim near Angels Stadium, this microbrewery has a tasting room that offers twenty draught beer faucets, a hand pumped cask beer engine and great views of the brewery. Extremely popular, and moving to bigger digs soon, Noble Ale Works has an impressive beer menu, with Naughty Sauce being a favorite of the locals. If you are hungry, food carts are usually parked just outside. This is the perfect spot to meet before an Angel game, and as your designated driver, we can get you home safely.

Tasting  Room:  1621 South Sinclair, Ste. B, Anaheim, CA  92806   714-634-2739

Bottle Logic Brewing

Truly a unique experience, Bottle Logic Brewing offers exclusive beers in a one of a kind setting. Always hosting fun events and releasing exclusive beers, this is usually a “must stop” on most Orange County craft beer tours.  As with many breweries, the area’s most popular food trucks are parked outside to pair with your favorite beer. Note that they are currently expanding their tasting room due to their popularity. Some beers that may be on the tasting menu include Razz Berry Red IPA, Elevation Change. Recursion 9.0, and Neighbor of the Beast.

Tasting Room:  1072 N. Armando St., Anaheim, CA 92806  Phone:  714-660-2537

Bootlegger's Brewery

A favorite for years, Bootlegger's Brewery is well known for its seasonal releases, Located in downtown Fullerton they offer beer by the pint or half pint, shirts, pint glasses and growlers. Their motto is “Drink Fresh, Drink Local.” While no food is served, you are permitted to bring outside food into the tasting room. Popular drinks include Palomino Pale Ale, Rustic Rye IPA, Black Phoenix and the infamous Knuckle Sandwich, a double IPA that packs a punch.

Tasting Room:  130 S. Highland Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832  Phone:  714-871-2337

It is always a good idea to check with breweries beforehand to confirm events, food trucks, beer menu, and hours.  And don't forget to call PTL Executive to check availability for your upcoming event.  

Why You Should Reserve Your Wedding Limousine Early

There is no doubt that you want your wedding day to be spectacular, free from worries and undue stress.  After all, this is a day most  couples have been dreaming and talking about for as long as they can remember.  Therefore, it’s critical when planning this milestone event, to make transportation reservations as early as possible.  Why? Arriving to a ceremony late, unexpected glitches and miscommunication can start the day off to an awkward start, not only for the bridal party, but for the guests as well.

Here are our suggestions for a fun, relaxing and memorable wedding day.

Reserve, Reserve, Reserve!

Once you have settled on a date, time, wedding and reception locations, contact The Perfect Limo & Sedan as soon as possible.  It is suggested that reservations be made at least six months in advance, even earlier, especially if your date falls during the spring and summer.  These are often the most popular times for weddings.  However, car services book up throughout the year, such as the holidays for company parties, proms, mid-winter dances, sporting events etc. Don’t assume that you will find the car you want if you put off booking. As the old saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm.” Transportation  should be a priority.

Make Reservation In Person!

If possible, make your reservation in person.  Ask to see what type of limousines are offered, and even think outside the box. With so many options, you can find transportation that fits your style. Maybe you would prefer something more elegant or intimate? Or perhaps a party bus for a hip hotel reception or cars for the end of the evening to shuttle guests back to hotel or home?  Maybe even something more unconventional? While looking online can certainly give you some ideas, visiting the car service can provide more options, allow you to peek inside,  and certainly alleviate unwelcome surprises, as sometimes what you think you are reserving, could look totally different in person.  If you don’t like the customer service when visiting a limousine company, chances are, they are not for you.

Create Enough Time For Travel

When giving yourself plenty of time to reserve a limousine you are also able to create significant “padding.”  For example, an added 30 minutes can help in case there are sudden traffic delays, getting everyone in their respective cars, photos, or other surprises that can add precious time to the clock and create setbacks.  Therefore it is critical to create a wedding day timeline and to keep your limo service in the loop.

One Less Thing  To Worry About

When planning a wedding, there is no doubt you will have a “to do” list a mile long.  However, nothing is more satisfying than checking off items once you have made your plans! With so many details that can easily be forgotten, by simply planning ahead, you can avoid the stress.  


When reserving early, you will have a clear idea of what the costs will be and this can be factored into the overall wedding budget.  Often, when a bride and groom book a limo too late, not only may they not be able to get their first choice, but also a car that is above their budget.  Also beware of making your choice strictly on price, after all, not all companies keep up to date with the latest model vehicles. 

Freedom To Get What You Need

Every wedding is different.  While some transportation needs are simple and clear, others require more thought.  Once a date is secure, figure out how many people will need the car service, where they will be picked up and dropped off at the end of the evening.  Again, by delaying reservations, your needs may not be met.

One Company

Finally, by reserving The Perfect Limo & Sedan for your wedding needs, all of your transportation will be under one roof.  You will be working with one contact person  and there will be no unwanted surprises.  Keep in mind that it is imperative to read the fine print and understand the rules as they can vary from company to company. Some companies do not allow any signs or decorations on their cars, so if you planned to have “Just Married” taped to the car, it may be a no go.  Again, booking early takes away any unexpected surprises that can put a damper on your day.

Tis the Season! Magical Holiday Tour Ideas

The holiday season has arrived and there truly is nothing more magical than seeing the lights and decorations throughout Orange County and the surrounding area.  From celebrations to parades to tours, this is the time of year where the festivities are nonstop and lifelong memories are made.  

To honor this time of year, here are some of the top events happening in the area. Mark your calendars and make your event more special by booking your transportation needs now.

Newport Beach Annual Boat Parade - December 14 - 18, 2016

This year honors the 108th annual holiday boat parade where everything from yachts, boats, even kayaks and canoes are decked out in an amazing display of lights and sail along the bay.  Each evening, thousands of people line up for this free event, which means parking can be difficult.  To see this one of a kind display, gather your friends and family and make reservations with a party bus or limousine and witness this parade  how it’s meant to be seen: stress free!  Other suggestions, reserve VIP seating or view from available restaurants.  For additional information: http:www/christmasboatparade.com

Street of Lights - Dates Vary

Every city has one, that house or neighborhood that takes holiday decorations to a whole new level.  While at the time of this writing, details for 2016 were not yet available, in the past several years, there are plenty of homes that must be seen to be believed.  For example, one of the best south Orange County displays in recent years is located in Lake Forest.  Two homes blink over 80,000 lights to music over FM 89.7.  http://lakeforestchristmas.com or Bobscreativedisplays.com

Other communities with eye popping light work include:

  • Eagle Hill Christmas Lights in Brea has offered in the past an amazing display of lights throughout various streets.  
  • Fountain Valley at 16801 Euclid at Mile High Park, you can drive through the neighborhood at Brookhurst and Heil Street where one house is known for decorating with over 65,000 lights alone!
  • The Nellie Gail Road community in Laguna Hills have seen more than 120,000 Christmas lights choreographed in the past.  Lights dance to festive music thanks to this Orange County neighborhood who take decorations to a whole new level.  

Major Holiday Attractions

No doubt, Orange County’s top amusement parks get into the holiday season in a very big way.  Disneyland and California Adventure are not to be missed.  Starting November 10, you will see Festival of Holidays, Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle with magical snowfalls, A Christmas Fantasy Parade, and old favorites will be dressed up, including It’s A Small World Holiday, Haunted Mansion Holiday and Jingle Cruise.

  • Knotts Berry Farm, or rather, Knott's Merry Farm as it's called this time of the year, offers live entertainment, Christmas crafts, spectacular holiday decorations, nightly tree lighting and ice show.
  • Universal Studios hosts “Grinchmas” with caroling, incredible Suess-like decorations, a 60 foot tree, story time as well as a nighttime studio tour with the Whos as they sing and dance their way through the backlot Grinchmas celebration.
  • In Carlsbad, California, the holidays will be in full swing at Legoland, with music, twinkling lights, nightly snowfall, and full sized lego brick Santa and Reindeer.  
  • A little further south, the San Diego Zoo has “Jungle Bells” where the zoo is aglow with holiday cheer, and Sea World offers Christmas shows, Rudolph, Santa’s Cottage, The Christmas Village, and Christmas Tree of Lights.

Family Fun Annual Traditions

Nothing says the holidays like cold weather, hot chocolate, and music.  While Orange County is not known for its snowy weather, we like to celebrate just the same with ice skating, Christmas shows and concerts.  Here is what’s coming up this year.

  • Ice skate at any one of these great outdoor rinks:  Olaf’s Frozen Rink in Downtown Disney, Irvine Spectrum, and The Chill located at Queen Mary which also offers Glacier Glide Ice Tubing Luge, North Pole Village and Swingin’ Sleigh Ride.
  • Segerstrom Center for the Arts will be offering several holiday programs, including Nutcracker for Kids, Vienna Boys Choir, Christmas Fantasia, Nutcracker (original version), Holiday Organ Spectacular, Elf, Tis the Season and more.

By reserving a limousine or party bus with The Perfect Limo & Sedan, you are ensuring that everyone in your party is guaranteed a great time.  With no worries regarding traffic, parking, or drinking, this is a safe yet memorable way to celebrate the holidays.  Grab your favorite beverage and snacks, whether it be hot chocolate, hot toddy, Christmas cookies, candy canes or anything else, add a stop for dinner, perhaps a trip to see Santa or do some shopping, and enjoy this very special time of year!

Simply Fabulous Birthday Ideas

Planning surprise birthday parties can certainly be fun, but also stressful.  Chances are you want to organize an event that is memorable, and perhaps a little unique and out of the ordinary.  Whether it be a celebration for a teenager or a senior citizen, all occasions should be a treat which everyone will remember for a lifetime.  And while it doesn’t have to be a full blown party, even romantic celebrations for two are often the best, a creative touch is always appreciated.  Of course, we have the perfect vehicle for any of your party needs!

Trip Down Memory Lane

Similar to a scavenger hunt, this party starts the moment your limousine arrives at the door.  Gather the surprised birthday honoree and take him or her on a tour of special and significant locations in your town that are meaningful and carry great memories.  The piece de resistance? Have friends and/or  family at each of the locations who played a significant part in that particular spot.  For example, travel to the high school where the guest of honor attended and have several friends there ready to join in on the fun! Then travel to other favorite spots, such as a church where married, or a hospital where child was born.  Again, each stop add more guests.  And don’t forget to include  a special music track with significant songs, favorite beverages, snacks and decorations..  At the end of the tour, continue the party at a favorite restaurant or club.  

Romantic Evening

As mentioned, sometimes the most cherished celebrations, are those that require only two people, you and your significant other.  There are many great options for those that want to keep the evening special, but unforgettable.  Whether planning a weekend getaway or an evening in one of the area’s most incredible hotels, here are some options worth considering!

  • The Resort at Pelican Hill - This elegant hotel has it all, from scrumptious afternoon teas, world class spa, to incredible suites and cottages with ocean views, this is a place  hard to beat.  Book one of their “Special Occasion” packages which includes a rose petal turndown upon request!
  • Hotel Del Coronado - Located in Coronado, this historic hotel is simply timeless and filled with romantic charm.  If you are looking for something different to honor a loved one’s birthday, how about arranging a private beach bonfire that includes a beach chair, warm blankets, and selections from their ala carte menu?  If the birthday guest is an artist or even has expressed an interest in painting, the Del offers a painting class overlooking the Pacific Ocean. While creating the masterpiece, attendees can sip wine and listen to relaxing and inspiring music.   Or perhaps a sailing lesson, paddleboarding or kayaking along the calm waters of Glorietta Bay would hit the spot.  
  • Temecula Wine Tasting/Hot Air Balloon Ride - Temecula is located in Riverside county and just a short hour drive from Orange county, but seems worlds away. Enjoy a day of wine tasting at one of the many wineries located in this region.  Amazing restaurants, some with incredible vineyard views, such as Callaway Vineyard and Winery and Thornton Winery & Champagne, are places that should not be missed.  Several offer special events, like Jazz concerts, barrel tastings or Winemaker Dinners.  Add to the festivities with a one of a kind sunrise or sunset  hot air balloon ride from one of the several balloon companies in Temecula, as there is no better way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.  Most offer special deals, including a Harvest Package, and all-inclusive Birthday adventures.

Teenager Surprise Celebrations

Nothing is more exciting for a teenager celebrating their birthday  than being surprised with a limousine or party bus full of friends.  Some of the most memorable events include hotel sleepovers and swimming in the pool, dinners at fancy restaurants, spas, shopping, arcades, laser tag, bowling, sporting events and so much more.  Inside the limo, make sure there are plenty of snacks and beverages, and consider games as well.  Some of the more popular include:

  • Guess the celebrity:  Write down the name of different celebrities on index cards and tape on the guests foreheads so everyone can see, except for their own.  The idea is for each person to help the other guess the celebrity by acting out and portray the celebrity’s personality.  This is particularly fun if the party has a movie theme.
  • Trivia Game:  Write down questions that pertain to the birthday boy or girl that everyone goes around and tries to answer.  Some possible questions?  “Where was I born?”  “What’s my favorite sports team?”  “Who’s my favorite teacher?”  “Who’s my favorite musical group?”  
  • Guess The Location:  Keep your destination a surprise from everyone! Set up a game similar to 21 questions, and have each guest take a turn trying to guess where they are headed. Remember, the answer can only be “yes” or “no.”  The winner gets a prize!

The best part of your surprise party is letting The Perfect Limo & Sedan do the driving for you.  We'll take care of you, so you can enjoy your celebration!

Tailgating this Football Season? Let Us Be Your Designated Driver

Are you ready for some Football?  It’s hard to believe, but football is now underway.  With the return of the Los Angeles Rams, this season should be especially exciting for Southern California residents.  As the saying goes, football isn’t just a game, it’s  a way of life for millions of diehard fans.  If you are planning on attending any of the games, whether it be the Rams, San Diego Chargers, UCLA, USC or any other college football game, now is the time to book your limo or party bus to ensure everyone has reliable and safe transportation.  

Why should you book our services?  Aside from the safety issues, we can assist you in creating a custom pre-game experience that will make your experience even more enjoyable.  

Tailgating Tips

No football game is complete without a tailgater.  Grabbing a group of friends/fans and celebrating pregame is an American pastime.  No matter if you want to bar hop before the game, or party at the stadium, the event is a game winner with a limousine or luxury party bus. To make your day even more stress free, consider the following:

  • Make a list of all of the items you are bringing
  • Don’t forget the tunes!
  • Food should be fun, but easy to eat. Keep it simple!
  • Plan to arrive four hours early
  • Dress in team colors
  • Meet your tailgate neighbors, after all the more the merrier
  • Bring your game day decor
  • Bring easy pick up items for appetizers, such as marinated olives, chips and cool dips, unique veggies, or prepared food from a deli or favorite restaurant as well as cupcakes or dessert..
  • Bring a football.
  • Know the rules.  Each stadium has different regulations. Charcoal grills are allowed in most, but not all areas at the Rose Bowl  At San Diego State, any tailgate which provides catered food or furnishes a keg must provide proof of liability insurance and obtain a permit from Qualcomm Stadium.

After The Game

Keep in mind that many stadiums close usually one to two hours after the game.  Tailgating afterwards is usually a time to celebrate the team’s win, or commiserate on their loss.  Knowing that you don’t have to drive home, you can continue to enjoy your day, or we can make sure everyone gets home safely.

No parking hassles  

Parking can be a complete and total nightmare at any of the Southern California football stadiums.  In fact, it’s the least desirable chore there is when planning the logistics.  You probably have to ask:  Who’s going to be the designated driver? Who wants to deal with the stress and traffic?  If you run late, finding a lot or spot in the vicinity is often difficult let alone impossible, so you must resort to places half a mile away or more.  And let’s not even discuss what happens when the game is over.  Let us drop you off at the time that is convenient for you, while you enjoy the ride all the way, and we will be there to pick you up and the party continues.

Football crowds are expected to rise this year.  With the return of the Rams, it isn’t any surprise that during preseason, their attendance surpassed capacity, therefore by leaving the driving to us, that is one less thing to check off your list.

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