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Travel to The Next Rams or Chargers Game Made Easy


Travel to The Next Rams or Chargers Game Made Easy

With it being only a few months away from the return of the NFL season, the schedules for each team are already available. The home games for the LA Rams and LA Chargers are now on sale. If you are a supporter of either team or are supporting a team they are playing this season, you should consider using PTL Executive’s services to get you to and from the game. Here are the top reasons why someone attending an NFL game in South County would consider using us.

Avoid the Painful LA Traffic

I attended a Rams game last year at the Coliseum when they played the Houston Texans. If you are coming from South County or further north of LA, then prepare yourself for terrible traffic. Everyone knows now that there isn’t a good time to go to LA—traffic is always bad. This made for a long day and limited our ability to have drinks at the game because we had to drive back. Using PTL Executive as your form of transportation will make the experience less stressful and ultimately more fun because you can drink and eat your fill without having to worry about the return journey.

Coliseum Parking is Terrible

Moreover, we drove in circles around the Coliseum trying to find parking because you needed a pass to park at the stadium. The streets were filled with locals holding up cardboard signs trying to get people to park on their lawns or driveways, which we didn’t feel comfortable doing. Fortunately, a family member of mine who attended games before told us of a parking garage that was nearby we could possibly use. It was a few blocks away from the actual stadium entrance, and we had to pay a high parking fee. And the area around the stadium is fairly run down, which isn’t the most pleasant neighborhood to walk through, especially when it gets dark. With PTL Executive, you and your party can avoid all of this hassle and get dropped off and picked up from the game right at the stadium.

Driving to StubHub Center

I have never been to an NFL game at StubHub Center, but I have attended Weenie Roast and been to a few LA Galaxy soccer matches there. The parking is not nearly as difficult as the Coliseum. However, you still have pay for parking, and deal with the drive home, limiting your ability to enjoy yourself and have a beer.
Furthermore, if you are coming all the way from San Diego or another far away city to the stadium, the traffic can be just as bad as getting into LA. My experience driving north on the I-405 is usually a traffic-filled one with the cars slowing down around Los Alamitos as you head into Long Beach, and sometimes even earlier if you are coming from South County.

Getting Around the Transportation Hassle

Until the LA Chargers and LA Rams have their own official stadiums, getting to these games will be a challenge in itself. And if you are going to the game with a large party or with some friends, Lyft and Uber can be expensive, especially with surge pricing. If you are interested
in taking full advantage of this experience by booking with us, you can
contact us here and also use our quote tool.

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