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Get to Coachella in Style by Using a Car ServiceWhy We’re “The Perfect Transportation Limo & Sedan”Ontario Airport Transportation can be Stress FreeSpend a Day in La La Land

Get to Coachella in Style by Using a Car Service

Going With a Car Service Takes the Hassle Out of Seeing Your Favorite Bands at the Festival

The Most Anticipated Annual Music Festival in Southern California

If you have lived in Southern California even for a short amount of time, chances are you've heard of Coachella. The origins of the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival reach all the way back to a 1993 Pearl Jam concert, and the festival has been an annual attraction for music, fashion, and art lovers since 2001. Headliners have included Jay-Z, AC/DC, and Lady Gaga, and this year Beyoncé, Eminem, and The Weeknd will all grace the stage as headliners.

Once attendees are actually in the festival, it’s a weekend that they will have memories of for a lifetime, but actually getting to the the Empire Polo Club grounds in Indio, California, where the event is held, can be a real hassle. Some people drive or use a ride sharing service, but having your own car service is a much more convenient and reliable option.  

You Choose How Much or Little to Use the Car Service

Everyone’s situation is different, and we totally understand that. Groups travel to Coachella in a variety of ways, and they also have varying accomodations lined up for them. All you have to do is let us know what your plans are and we will meet all of your transportation needs. Some of our passengers get picked up at their homes in surrounding cities like Corona, Ontario, or Temecula, and some make it to a hotel or Airbnb near Indio on their own but arrange transportation between there and the venue. Just let one of our agents know what your plans are, and we will make our recommendations for the type of car service that would work best for you.

Stay Later, Get Home Faster, Feel Safer

The long walk back to your campsite, hotel room, or Airbnb can be a nightmare after a long full day in the sun taking in all of the activities of Coachella. The desert is always hot and windy this time of year, and after all of the dancing you have been doing, walking back home might not only be uncomfortable, but it could actually be dangerous. There’s also a chance of getting lost on your way home if you’re not familiar with the area, so having a car service lined up will allow you to make the most out of your time at Coachella. We will set pick-up and drop-off times and locations so you can stay until the very last set without having to worry about wandering around aimlessly trying to get home after the final bows have been taken.

Pick the Vehicle From Our Fleet that Meets Your Needs Best

At PTL Executive we have a full fleet of vehicles, which means we have the perfect mode of transportation for you and your Coachella crew. From Sedans to SUVs, Corporate Coaches, or even a Stretch Limo, your car service needs are covered here. Each vehicle has a unique list of features and services, and are all held to the highest “Duty of Care” standards possible.

Since it takes more than just a nice car to have a truly exceptional experience, we have a team of professional chauffeurs who are very familiar with the drop-off procedures, pick-up points, and even local shortcuts around the Empire Polo Club. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Coachella is only weeks away, so we encourage you to contact us and book your car service soon! You can contact us online, or give us a call at 800-920-9987. We look forward to hearing from you and making this your most memorable year of Coachella ever!

Why We’re “The Perfect Transportation Limo & Sedan”

What is your idea of the perfect transportation limo service? Is it uniformity between all the limo drivers? Is it executive black cars that transport you from point A to B? Or is it the way your chauffeur is professionally dressed compared to a casually dressed Uber driver? Maybe even the luxurious and personalized driving experience a chauffeur is able to deliver? Good news! “The Perfect Limo” exhibits all of these unique characteristics to all our faithful clients, including you. We are constantly improving our performance on how we provide transportation and transitioning from "the best limo service" to "the perfect transportation limo service." Here's how.

The Perfect Uniformity Between Our Chauffeurs:
Why is this so important to us? Uniformity expresses that all our chauffeurs are on the same page and in the mindset to provide luxurious transport. It is also the first impression you have of us. We value our customers outlook on our service very highly and strive to meet those expectations as everyday standards. Once standards are established, than unity between our chauffeurs, our executive black cars, our high end service, and our attire are coinciding together as one. This enables "The Perfect Limo" to exhibit superior transportation services that outperform all of our competitors down to a molecular level. With us, you know to expect uniformity on all aspects of our service and performance.

The Perfect transportation Executive Black Vehicle Transport:
"The Perfect transportation Limo" should not only act the part, but also look the part. Alongside uniformity, we also look the part with our black executive vehicles. Being able to distinguish a professional looking vehicle is equally as important as being a well dressed chauffeur. We take the element of unanticipated surprise out of the equation when transporting our clientele. Instead of blending in with the usual riff raff cab and limo drivers, we stand out with our signature, executive black vehicles. We aim to provide our clients with a luxurious, comfortable, and memorable experience from the time they are greeted outside of the vehicle, until they step back out of the vehicle. If you're looking for a distinguished limo company, you're looking at "The Perfect transportation Limo and sedan."

The Perfect Transportation Experience:
Besides the appearance of a chauffeur and the vehicle you're being transported in, the overall experience usually just isn't there for most limo services. Am I right? Whether the driver shows up late, overcharges you, is unprofessionally dressed, has a lack of manners or etiquette, or doesn't show up at all! We've heard it all and feel the same way as you do. It's unacceptable. With "The Perfect Limo" you're getting a high end service with emphasis on your comfort, with plenty of time to reach your destination. Most of the time, our drivers will show up early, to ensure you get to your intended destination within the timeframe you're looking for. We have served thousands of happy clients that aren't just happy with how we present ourselves to them, but happy with how we present ourselves as a whole. With a limo company that understands the importance of time management, comfort, and accessibility, we provide the perfect transportation experience.

Why We're the Perfect Option for You:
When we serve our clients, it isn't on the notion of a one time service. We look to form long term relationships with our clients by demonstrating professionalism, integrity, and accessibility. When you think of most cab or limo companies, you think of, "this is a one time thing." We think of all our clients like "this is a full time thing." Our clients are like family and we treat them as such by respecting their time, schedule, and privacy. Whether you need long term transportation or short term, we are "The Perfect Transportation Limo and sedan

The Perfect Transportation Limo and Sedan

" company to provide luxurious transport to you and your family. Look for us in Southern California for immediate assistance! We look forward to providing the perfect transportation experience to you permanently!

Ontario Airport Transportation can be Stress Free

Ontario Airport is approximately 40 miles from Orange County.  But, depending on the time of day, it can often take up to two hours or more to drive there.  When traveling during the busy season, such as holidays, airports become a much different place.

It’s an all too familiar story.  A traveler heading to the airport to catch a flight for an important meeting or job interview, misses take-off due to traffic, an unexpected accident or can’t find parking.  They arrive at their gate, after rushing through security at an Olympic pace only to find the plane pulling out and heading to the runway. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too real and happens countless times a day throughout every airport in the country.

There are many delays that could make your flight arrival stressful.  These could include congested traffic, filled parking lots, overfilled shuttle buses, not to mention the backed up security lines,

The good news? Corporate travel is our specialty. One of our most popular routes is to Ontario Airport.  Business travelers want assurance they are getting to their gate not only in plenty of time, but with time to spare.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional limousine/car service for business travel.  This is where we separate ourselves from our competitors as our reputation and loyal customers attest:

Always Arrive on Time:  There is no doubt that arriving on  time for your flight, with time to spare, is first and foremost.  We will monitor any traffic conditions to ensure you arrive at the designated hour.

No Stress - Relax in our comfortable town cars, check email, make phone calls or handle any pressing matters while we drive you to the airport.  Returning home from a delayed flight?  No worries, we monitor that as well and will be there to pick you up when your flight arrives.  

Experienced Drivers - Our drivers travel to Ontario Airport throughout the day and know the traffic conditions, detours and layout of the airport. They also understand that keeping your schedule is paramount. Professionalism, appearance and conduct is nothing short of exemplary. We work tirelessly to give you the service you deserve.

Economical - Hiring a private car for airport travel has proven to save money. With increased parking fees and gas mileage, it’s often less expensive to reserve a town car, especially when there is more than one traveler.  

So imagine being picked up at your home or office, your chauffeur handles your luggage and opens your door while you step inside to find cold water  and a newspaper.  You enjoy a relaxing and productive ride.  Upon arrival at the curb or near the gate, your luggage is retrieved and you are ready to go.  And again, upon your return, we will be waiting for you with the same exceptional service.

We are a world class limousine service offering 24/7 airport shuttle to all the major airports including Ontario, John Wayne, San Diego, LAX, Bob Hope and others.  Give us a try, we promise airport travel will be an enjoyable experience once again.

Spend a Day in La La Land

La La Land is perhaps one of the most popular movies to come out in years.  Nominated for an astounding 14 Academy Awards, this old fashioned Hollywood style musical is set in a modern Los Angeles. It was filmed throughout Southern California in Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Burbank and Hermosa Beach. These iconic locations are getting a fresh look from avid fans.

While Valentine’s Day is over for another year, there is no reason not to plan a romantic day or weekend in Los Angeles.  If you or your significant loved La La Land, then plan a truly special adventure to the well known attractions that made La La Land a movie to remember.  Breaking out in song and dance is purely optional.

Griffith Park

Probably the most memorable scene in the movie, here is where our characters, Sebastian and Mia sing and dance (trivia note: it was filmed in one take) at a spot called “Cathy’s Corner” in Griffith Park.  If you want to spend more time here, keep in mind that the park is massive. Sprawled over 4,200 acres, here you can hike, picnic, visit museums, visit the Griffith Observatory even enjoy the nine hole Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course.  The Greek Theatre is nearby as well, as is the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

LIghthouse Cafe

In La La Land, this is where Sebastian takes Mia when she declares she is not a jazz enthusiast.  This popular cafe is the real deal, and has been a staple in Hermosa Beach since 1949.  Prominent musicians who have played here  Art Blakey,   Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley.  Today, this jazz fixture offers food, entertainment and a great happy hour.  

Hermosa Pier

Here  is where Sebastian slowly waltzes at sunset while singing the Academy Award nominated song, “City of Stars.”  This is a great place to watch the surfers, look for dolphins or take a leisurely stroll after a good meal.  It’s very busy during  the day and night, so chances are, you won’t have the pier all to yourself like the movie suggests, but it’s truly a special place.

The SmokeHouse

If you are looking to eat while in Los Angeles, and of course you are, yet want to stick close to the La, La Land theme, you may want to try The SmokeHouse, which in the movie, was named “Lipton’s.”  Located across from Warner Brother’s Studio, this is where Sebastian was instructed, much to his annoyance, to play holiday tunes to the dining customers and where he and Mia met the second time.  The SmokeHouse opened in 1946, and is considered  one of the great steakhouses in LA, serving up standards in a dark setting with wood and leather booths.  Yes, there is live music as well, just don’t expect to see Ryan Gosling playing the piano.

Grand Central Market

This Los Angeles staple is only briefly shown in the movie, however, this open air market is a huge favorite with the locals.  The scene of one Mia’s and Sebastian’s first dates, where they eat Salvadorean food at Sarita’s Pupuseria, you will discover  many other eating options as well, such as terrific Mexican and Chinese food.

Colorado Street Bridge

Enjoy the sunset from this historic vantage point over Pasadena.  When built in 1913 it was the highest concrete bridge in world, but today, you can see incredible city views as well.  Full House, The Amazing Race and other productions have filmed here as well, but none more popular than La La Land.

Chateau Marmont

When Mia finally decides it's time to shine, the Chateau Marmont is the place she takes control.  If your trip to LA includes an overnight stayt, look no further. This historic hotel, located in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, offers luxury bungalows and suites recalling the days of yesteryear.  Completed in 1929, the hotel’s history is unparalleled.  Howard Hughes, Greta Garbo James, Dean, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many more coveted the privacy the hotel is well known for.  A must do: order  a drink at the  Bar Marmont.

Other locations featured in La La Land include the Century Freeway where the Interstate 105 connects to 110 and the film’s opening number is set, the Rialto Theatre which closed in 2007, but open for special events, the Warner Brothers Studios where it’s always fun to take a tour of this legendary lot, and the Watts Tower, a huge metal sculpture that Sebastian and Mia  stop to view.

Whether you visit Los Angeles for the day, or plan to spend the weekend, this special getaway visiting the areas where La La Land was filmed, will be a treasured memory.  If you are planning an anniversary, engagement, birthday or just a day to spend together, make the day even more memorable by avoiding the traffic, and relaxing while sipping your favorite beverages and perhaps listen to the movie’s soundtrack while one of our luxurious chauffeured cars takes you in style.

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