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Tips for Corporate Executive Travel


Tips for Corporate Executive Travel

Traveling for most people is a stressful ordeal. There are so many considerations such as
flight times, booking a limousine service and making sure you did not forget to pack something.
Coupled with other unknown factors out of our hands, such as weather and if the airline is on
time, we have the making of a stressful experience.
In a survey conducted by On Call International, they found of the 1,000 individuals they
surveyed who travel regularly for work, 36% said that business travel makes them more stressed
than usual. To help reduce the stress on your next trip for business, here are some tips to give
you peace of mind so that you won’t become part of that 36 %.

Write a Packing List

Writing down everything that you are going to need on your trip will mitigate the chances
of you forgetting something. Break your items into different categories to make sure that you
cover all of the bases. And if you are going to be on a long flight, you can take this time to
consider any snacks or other items, such as a neck pillow, that will make your journey more

Consider Hiring a Limousine Service

Getting to and from the airport in a safe and timely fashion can make a big difference in
the smoothness of a trip. A poor airport shuttle experience can rattle you before the trip has
begun as well as make your return journey more stressful than it really needs to be. Consider a
reliable limo rental service so that you don’t have to worry about this part of your travel plans. If
you are traveling with a large group, especially if you are not located close to an airport, consider
carpooling together with a limo service that offers party bus rentals.

Other Tips for Stress-free Travel

Besides hiring a limo, you can always sync with your team to determine what they are
packing. Cross-checking is a great way to make sure you thought of everything. You should also
double check your reservations and set your alarm before you get tired to ensure you have
enough time to get ready before your limo arrives. That way you can walk out the door with the
peace of mind that you were not rushed and that you are as prepared as you can be for your trip.

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