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The “PTLexecutive” vs. Lyft


Ever heard of Lyft? Who hasn’t?! They are one of the fastest growing transport companies in the world alongside Uber. Does that mean they are the fastest improving customer service oriented transportation company out there? No it doesn’t! Have you ever been interested in supporting a smaller, more efficient, customer service focused transportation company? “PTLexecutive” is the answer you’re looking for. We offer substantially more professional customer service, commodities, time management, professionally dressed chauffeurs, and dependability. You can distinguish the difference between Lyft and PTLexecutive when identifying these characteristics. Lyft is a widely known and popular brand, but that doesn’t always mean the “more popular” service is the right fit for you as a customer. The bigger brands are usually more interested in covering more ground and opening your wallets, more than accommodating their loyal customers. Therefore, they are lacking in the customer service department. This can cause several discrepancies between service provider and client and lead to miscommunications, which can “make or break” a company’s image and service. PTLexecutive exhibits the same consistency of customer service and maintains a pertinent image of what we represent. We can provide you better service than Lyft and here’s why!

Time Management with PTLexecutive vs Lyft:

Have you ever noticed how inconsistent with time management the Lyft driver designated to pick you up can be? It’s usually hit or miss right? Instinctively, when you use the Lyft App, you know there’s a chance you will be stood up. What’s the point of calling a Lyft driver if they have poor time management? The Perfect Limo doesn’t have this problem because instead of assigning you a random driver, you will be assigned a professional chauffeur who knows he has an obligation to deliver scintillating service and performance to each customer. Your time is our time, so we see serving your needs as a top priority. Lyft drivers make detours along the way and have other commitments get in the way, which makes their service abysmal. PTLexecutive emphasizes dynamic time management skills that can get you from point A to B in the desired timeframe you’re looking for. Our chauffeurs are trained to arrive to your destination 5-10 minutes before schedule to account for any delays or traffic back ups. This ensures the most important thing in the world is time, so it’s not something we take likely at PTLexecutive! We look forward to having you maximize your time with your Luxury limo ride today!

Customer Service With PTLexecutve vs. Lyft:

Customer service makes or breaks the likelihood of rehiring a company right? Then how come so many people rehire a Lyft driver after horrendous customer service experiences? Most likely because they aren’t aware of other affordable, Luxury transport options. The Perfect Limo emphasizes
customer service from the time we speak to you over the phone, until the time we drop you off at your destination. We pride ourselves in our appearance because it will instill the level of customer service we hope to convey to all our clients. Although The Perfect Limo has a lot going for it, there are always improvements that can be made. We trust in our customers outlook on our executive, Luxury transport and do our best to integrate any changes mentioned to us. The first rule of thumb with customer service is, “the customer is always right” and we are absolutely guaranteed to follow that guideline. We want to set the impression of “Perfect customer service,” resembles “PTLexecutive.”

Execution With PTLexecutive vs. Lyft:

Sure, customer service is extremely important but what would be the purpose of good customer service without a solid performance based product or company representing it? If all a company has is customer service going for it, than it’s probably not the service for you. Lyft drivers tend to exhibit execution pretty well but they are lacking in the customer service department. With The Perfect Limo you’re getting amplified customer service, execution, and attention to detail. We bring this environment with us everywhere we transport our clients to. To be successful in executing a quality service, you need to have a consistent appearance and professional demeanor between yourself and the company internally and towards your customers. Everyone
in the company should be on the same page to execute a service successfully. At The Perfect Limo we exhibit exceptional customer service and execution simultaneously. With our executive black vehicles, cohesive chauffeurs, Luxury transport, and professional dedication to our customers needs, we are The Perfect Limo Service for you.

Final Verdict:PTLexecutive vs. Lyft:

If you were to compare the PTLexecutive to a typical Lyft drivers service, what would your verdict be? I guess it all depends on your needs as a customer. Every customer has different needs, but they’re all entitled to the same level of service, professionalism, and presentation. With PTLexecutive, you will always get the Luxury transport that you deserve, and with Lyft you do not know what you’re stepping into. Literally. If you’re someone who expects to be treated professionally and personably from start to finish, than you should be calling PTLexecutive for all your luxury transport needs. The facts are you’re promised this level of service whenever you step in the vehicle with one of our chauffeurs. With Lyft, it’s hit or miss. We think our customers are worth more than a “what if” or a “maybe.” Call PTLexecutive Today to schedule your appointment for transportation! #PTLexecutiveTransportation, #Ptlexecutiveblackcar, #PTLexecutiveCustomerService, #ThePerfectTimeManagement, #ptlexecutivevsLyft, #vsLyft

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