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Arranging Transportation in SoCal When you are traveling for business, running through a busy airport only adds to the stress of the trip. If you are coming to Southern California (SoCal) for business, and you are not familiar with the area, renting a car is probably not the best answer. And if you are calling…
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Enjoy a day of ultimate luxury with PTL Executive Limo and Sedan

When it comes to enjoying your day and making it more memorable with your friends and family, PTL Executive Limo and Sedan service is the best choice. One of a kind service that offers an exceptional experience, PTL Executive Limo and Sedan service has been serving its clients since 1999 and holds the distinction of…
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The “PTLexecutive” vs. Lyft

Ever heard of Lyft? Who hasn’t?! They are one of the fastest growing transport companies in the world alongside Uber. Does that mean they are the fastest improving customer service oriented transportation company out there? No it doesn’t! Have you ever been interested in supporting a smaller, more efficient, customer service focused transportation company? “PTLexecutive”…
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