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Ontario Airport Transportation can be Stress Free


Ontario Airport is approximately 40 miles from Orange County.  But, depending on the time of day, it can often take up to two hours or more to drive there.  When traveling during the busy season, such as holidays, airports become a much different place.

It’s an all too familiar story.  A traveler heading to the airport to catch a flight for an important meeting or job interview, misses take-off due to traffic, an unexpected accident or can’t find parking.  They arrive at their gate, after rushing through security at an Olympic pace only to find the plane pulling out and heading to the runway. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too real and happens countless times a day throughout every airport in the country.

There are many delays that could make your flight arrival stressful.  These could include congested traffic, filled parking lots, overfilled shuttle buses, not to mention the backed up security lines,

The good news? Corporate travel is our specialty. One of our most popular routes is to Ontario Airport.  Business travelers want assurance they are getting to their gate not only in plenty of time, but with time to spare.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional limousine/car service for business travel.  This is where we separate ourselves from our competitors as our reputation and loyal customers attest:

Always Arrive on Time:  There is no doubt that arriving on  time for your flight, with time to spare, is first and foremost.  We will monitor any traffic conditions to ensure you arrive at the designated hour.

No Stress – Relax in our comfortable town cars, check email, make phone calls or handle any pressing matters while we drive you to the airport.  Returning home from a delayed flight?  No worries, we monitor that as well and will be there to pick you up when your flight arrives.  

Experienced Drivers – Our drivers travel to Ontario Airport throughout the day and know the traffic conditions, detours and layout of the airport. They also understand that keeping your schedule is paramount. Professionalism, appearance and conduct is nothing short of exemplary. We work tirelessly to give you the service you deserve.

Economical – Hiring a private car for airport travel has proven to save money. With increased parking fees and gas mileage, it’s often less expensive to reserve a town car, especially when there is more than one traveler.  

So imagine being picked up at your home or office, your chauffeur handles your luggage and opens your door while you step inside to find cold water  and a newspaper.  You enjoy a relaxing and productive ride.  Upon arrival at the curb or near the gate, your luggage is retrieved and you are ready to go.  And again, upon your return, we will be waiting for you with the same exceptional service.

We are a world class limousine service offering 24/7 airport shuttle to all the major airports including Ontario, John Wayne, San Diego, LAX, Bob Hope and others.  Give us a try, we promise airport travel will be an enjoyable experience once again.

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