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Visit Beautiful Malibu in the Fall

Did you know that the very best time to visit Malibu is in the fall and spring? With the large summertime crowds gone, yet temperatures still desirable, this is an ideal getaway whether it’s for a weekend or a day trip.

Approximately 70 miles, or 1 ½ hours away from Orange County, Malibu, or the “bu” as it is called,  is set along 27 miles of beautiful coastline with approximately 30 spectacular beaches.  Home to the rich and famous and the generally affluent, this community is known for its oceanfront homes, one of a kind beaches, unforgettable sunsets, upscale retail centers, hiking trails and more.  And while it’s a haven for the Hollywood elite, Malibu is welcomed for its laid back, approachable lifestyle.  

Some of the best places to visit, people watch, dine and explore are listed below for those unfamiliar of all that the town offers.  From wine tasting to surfing, here is a compilation that is fit for any budget.


Of course, Malibu is known for its beaches.  And no visit would be complete without visiting at least one, or hopefully more, whether you want to see a sunset, surf or catch some sun.

Zuma Beach is perhaps one of the more popular and beautiful beaches around.  Here you can feel, especially in the fall months, like no one is around.  You won’t have to worry about crowds or people stepping on your beach towel.  If you want even more privacy, consider one of the lesser known beaches, such as Latigo Beach, Big Rock, Puerto, Escondido or Amarillo.  

Better yet, many consider Lechuza Beach not only the most private, but also the most scenic with sea cliffs, rock formations and tide pools.  Finally, if you want to hang  where many movie stars and moguls live, Carbon Beach, often referred to as Billionaire’s Beach, is open to all during the daytime hours.  However, non residents only have rights to the mean high tide line. Here you will discover one of a kind mansions built right on the sand for its unparalleled ocean views.

Malibu Pier:

Here is a great photo opportunity with a Malibu icon.  Adjacent to Surfrider Beach, this historical landmark built in 1905 offers good food and fun.  Enjoy the Malibu Farm Pier Cafe at the end of the pier for counter service, or the full service restaurant, Malibu Farm Restaurant, at the beginning of the pier.  This is not a long pier so to speak, but it does get crowded during the summer months, another reason to visit this fall. And Surfrider Beach? Simply beautiful.

Horses or Kayaks anyone?

Take your adventure a little further and rent a kayak at the Surf Shack and try and catch the dolphins in action.  You can also rent paddleboards, surfboards, body boards as well as wetsuits.  Guided kayak and paddleboard tours take you on a 2 hour coastal tour and a great way to see all of Malibu.

If horseback riding along the beaches or one of the many trails in Malibu is on your bucket list, there are several options.  Malibu Riders offers several guided packages through Malibu Creek, Paramount Ranch (takes you to a ghost town set used in several movies) as well as Zuma Canyon.  Planning to propose? How about a romantic, private horseback adventure via the company, Los Angeles Horseback Riding.  With three different proposal packages, you can ride up the Topanga Canyon with all the details you desire, and pop the question in beautiful scenery.

Where to shop?

Shopping would not be complete without visiting the very popular Malibu Country Mart. Rustic with a mix of architectural styles, but with high end boutiques, art galleries, and casual dining, this sought after destination is located in the heart of the Malibu Civic Center and not far from Pepperdine University.  A great place to relax, indulge and people watch!  Chances are, you can get your entire shopping fix from this locale alone as it personifies Malibu at its best.

Where to stay?

Looking for a weekend getaway? You will need a place to stay.  The Malibu Beach Inn is a small yet posh boutique style hotel renovated by David Geffen in 2007.  It has 47 rooms and located right on the beach, just a three minute walk from the Malibu Pier. Other hotels include, Calamigos Guest Ranch (their restaurant Malibu Cafe serves a great brunch) and Beach Club and The M Malibu. If camping is your style, make a reservation for Leo Carrillo State Park with shaded spots and access to the beach.

Last Minute Suggestions:

Here are some additional stops you may want to include, depending on what you want to see during your visits.

Wine Safaris.  This is a tour through the beautiful vineyards in Malibu Mountains.  Drink wines from grapes grown locally while viewing the exotic animals that live on the property including water buffalo, camels and a giraffe.  Plenty of great photo ops.

Other than the beach, hiking is also very popular, and hike enthusiasts travel far and wide to experience beautiful trails down Solstice Canyon, or Zuma Canyon Trail.

If Malibu, or any getaway, is in your future, make the trip complete with a full service limousine service.  Not only will it start and end your visit  in style, you can enjoy without any stress, take friends, and leave the rest to us.

Tailgating this Football Season? Let Us Be Your Designated Driver

Are you ready for some Football?  It’s hard to believe, but football is now underway.  With the return of the Los Angeles Rams, this season should be especially exciting for Southern California residents.  As the saying goes, football isn’t just a game, it’s  a way of life for millions of diehard fans.  If you are planning on attending any of the games, whether it be the Rams, San Diego Chargers, UCLA, USC or any other college football game, now is the time to book your limo or party bus to ensure everyone has reliable and safe transportation.  

Why should you book our services?  Aside from the safety issues, we can assist you in creating a custom pre-game experience that will make your experience even more enjoyable.  

Tailgating Tips

No football game is complete without a tailgater.  Grabbing a group of friends/fans and celebrating pregame is an American pastime.  No matter if you want to bar hop before the game, or party at the stadium, the event is a game winner with a limousine or luxury party bus. To make your day even more stress free, consider the following:

  • Make a list of all of the items you are bringing
  • Don’t forget the tunes!
  • Food should be fun, but easy to eat. Keep it simple!
  • Plan to arrive four hours early
  • Dress in team colors
  • Meet your tailgate neighbors, after all the more the merrier
  • Bring your game day decor
  • Bring easy pick up items for appetizers, such as marinated olives, chips and cool dips, unique veggies, or prepared food from a deli or favorite restaurant as well as cupcakes or dessert..
  • Bring a football.
  • Know the rules.  Each stadium has different regulations. Charcoal grills are allowed in most, but not all areas at the Rose Bowl  At San Diego State, any tailgate which provides catered food or furnishes a keg must provide proof of liability insurance and obtain a permit from Qualcomm Stadium.

After The Game

Keep in mind that many stadiums close usually one to two hours after the game.  Tailgating afterwards is usually a time to celebrate the team’s win, or commiserate on their loss.  Knowing that you don’t have to drive home, you can continue to enjoy your day, or we can make sure everyone gets home safely.

No parking hassles  

Parking can be a complete and total nightmare at any of the Southern California football stadiums.  In fact, it’s the least desirable chore there is when planning the logistics.  You probably have to ask:  Who’s going to be the designated driver? Who wants to deal with the stress and traffic?  If you run late, finding a lot or spot in the vicinity is often difficult let alone impossible, so you must resort to places half a mile away or more.  And let’s not even discuss what happens when the game is over.  Let us drop you off at the time that is convenient for you, while you enjoy the ride all the way, and we will be there to pick you up and the party continues.

Football crowds are expected to rise this year.  With the return of the Rams, it isn’t any surprise that during preseason, their attendance surpassed capacity, therefore by leaving the driving to us, that is one less thing to check off your list.

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